Acer Aspire Battery Replacement: Replacing faulty parts on Acer Aspire laptop

Replacing faulty parts on Acer Aspire laptop

According to most reviews, Acer laptops are affordable, some will even say they are cheap. I own an Acer Aspire 7740 bought from UK in 2010 and I've used it to the fullest until today. It's my main laptop, and I'm doing most of my business work with it. But, just like any other thing that money can buy, it tends to fall apart after some time. This post gathers some of the problems encountered in Acer Aspire laptops, some encountered by me, some by my friends, and some by various Internet users (posted on UK forums). I will also try to add ways to every listed problem, and if a fix is not possible, I will recommend a proper replacement part (if your laptop is out of warranty). If it's still in warranty, you should get it to an Acer service.

Acer Aspire Battery Problems

If you know one or two things about laptops, you know that sooner or later, the battery will fail on you. I've encountered this problem in two of my laptops, and I don't believe that it's something that happens only in Acer Aspire laptops. The batteries in my Acer 7740 were built by Samsung, so it's not even Acer's fault. And if we are here, let's see how laptop batteries are build. Usually, inside that plastic case you will find 6 or 8 cells resembling common AAA batteries, but larger. You will also find a circuit that controls the way the current flows from the cells to the laptop. If one or two cells are dead, the circuit may consider the whole battery dead, and it won't let it charge. Let's get back to the problem. Most ACER users will experience shorter battery life as time goes by. In my case, my Aspire 7740 lasted around 2 hours when I bought it, and around 30 minutes in the last months (before the battery went dead completely). So, if you experience low battery life, your battery cells are probably getting old (or depleted), and you may need to buy a new battery (or try to replace the dead cells by yourself). If you will get the Windows error: "Plugged in. Not Charging", you either have a dead battery or a system error. If you're lucky, you can fix it by shuttind down the PC, removing the battery, removing the power adapter, pressing the Power button for few times (to remove the static energy that's remained in the system), putting the battery back, the power cable and starting the PC. Another solution is to remove the battery from Hardware devices, and reboot the system. In my case, all these tricks have not worked, so my only option was to buy a new battery from here.

Acer Aspire Display Problems

I don't know if it's the way I've used the display or if it's the way I dropped it on the floor for couple of times, but I got few grey spots on the corners that were annoying. In such cases, either you manage to work with this display, or you get a replacement part.

Acer Memory Problems

This happened to few Aspire users. Out of nowhere, their laptop didn't start. There was power in the system, the starting sounds can be herd, but the laptop did not passed the bios checking state. There are many reasons for this error, but before anything else, you must check the RAM. In most cases, the RAM is dead and you need to change it.